2015 Ford Expedition Review

The current generation of the Expedition was came out on the market in 2007, and in all likelihood it will be at still least one year on the market. According to the available  information 2015 Ford Expedition will be released at the end of next year. As you probably know this large SUV is based on the Ford’s full-size pickup truck F-150, and we expect it to be presented immediately after the F-150. However, this means that any delay in the new generation of Ford’s most popular pickup truck, automatic means and the subsequent release of the Expedition next generation. We keep our fingers crossed that this will not happen, and that next year we will see a new generation of us favorite SUV.

2015 Expedition side view

Each of us knows that the expedition needed redesign. Its towing capacity not exceeding 9200 pounds, when it comes to 2WD. Certainly the new generation will bring significant improvements here. As a reminder, the current generation of F-150 can pull 11300 pounds, so from 2015 Expedition we do not expect nothing less.

The biggest mystery to us is however, when will appear a new generation of us favorite SUV. We believe that there are two possibilities. The first is that 2015 Expedition be based on the current version of the F-150. In this case, it would hit the market in the second half of next year. Another option is that 2016 Ford Expedition become the next generation of this powerful SUV. More waiting? We believe that you would not like that to happen. However, maybe it would not be so bad. If we had to wait for 2016, then this SUV will surely be based on next-generation F-150, and then it would definitely be untouchable in its class.

2015 Expedition concept

Current information tells us that the 2015 Ford Explorer will be powered by a 5.0 Coyote V8 (featuring Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing or Ti-VCT). This engine produces 360 horsepower and 380 ft-lb of torque. This is the engine that is in the current generation F-150. Of course, we do not exclude the possibility of either 3.5 liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine, but we think it’s a long shot. It is certain that the new generation of this SUV remain on a Body-on-frame (BOF) design. We expect it will be based on the Atlas concept. Another exciting feature that can expect is a 10-speed transmission. Just like the 2015 F-150 we can expect the 2015 Expedition to make extensive use of aluminum and high-strength-steel, all in the name of weight-savings. All this should net a very healthy increase in miles per gallon over the current generation.

2015 Expedition interior

As you can notice, it is much speculation and very little solid information. You can count that the new generation of this SUV will come with: 3.7 V6 (302 hp / 278 lb-ft) and 5.0 Coyote V8 (360 hp / 380 lb-ft) engines, 10-speed ​​transmission, significant weight savings through extensive use of Aluminum and High Strength (lighter weight) steel and traditional truck-based Body-on-frame (BOF) design. All other features are completely unpredictable.

We expect that new generation will come in 2016 as the model for 2017 year. That’s why we believe that new 2016 Ford Expedition will come unchanged compared to the current version.

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